TNLF invests in working with inclusive workplaces that benefit from employing talented people with disabilities. We are the bridge that connects the adaptive community with the opportunity for employment, focusing on important recruitment attributes to assure success in the corporation’s commitment to inclusion. We find and hire individuals who are talented, with the necessary experience needed to fill your role/s.

Contact us and let’s chat about how we can help you find individuals who are looking for great careers where they feel empowered to contribute their talents and skills to your team.

At TNLF, we seek to form collaborative partnerships where we act as an extension of an organization’s human resources department, tapping into the adaptive community and sourcing qualified talent. Together, we aim to fulfill a firm’s mission of inclusion.


TNLF’s expertise connects the untapped adaptive workforce with job opportunities. We provide a tailored service and work as an extension of current HR teams sourcing and retaining outstanding, qualified, and adaptive employees. We help expand and facilitate an organization’s mission for inclusion. This includes a dedicated recruiter who serves the mission of filling current job requisitions within your workforce of talented and committed individuals.

Other benefits of a partnership

Tax Benefits

Which may be gained through hiring individuals with disabilities (WOTC and OJT benefits).

Grants & Incentives

Are available to businesses in Illinois, including those that hire individuals with disabilities. These programs are designed to support job creation and economic growth in the state.

Corporate Social Benefits

Hiring individuals with disabilities can help businesses better serve customers with disabilities, as they will have a better understanding of their needs and experiences. Also, demonstrating a commitment to inclusion by hiring individuals with disabilities can improve a company's reputation and brand image.

TNFL is the bridge that connects companies like yours with individuals looking for inclusive employment opportunities.