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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost for TNLF's services?

As a person with a disability, we consider you a “candidate” looking for employment, thus our services are free and there are  no charges for you.

For corporations using our services to hire people with disabilities, our costs may vary. Kindly seek a recruitment contract by calling our Vice President for recruiting services at (331) 803-1936.

What if I don't have a resume?

If you don’t have a resume, TNLF would be delighted to assist you in creating one. We would also ask you for your job interests, and any skills you might wish to make public. These items help us round out your job and personality profile to derive the best job fit for you.

Will I lose any government benefits if I use TNLF's services in finding a job?

At TNLF, we’re looking to help you find employment. As government benefits are case-specific, it would be helpful to understand your unique situation to serve you better. If you need some help understanding the benefits available, we would be happy to work with and guide you in that regard.

If I change jobs or have a career shift, can I use TNLF services again?

At TNLF, we are committed to ensuring the best match for future employees and partners. In the event of any changes, we are always here to assist.

Does TNLF provide job skills/life training (ex: workshops, classes, mentoring)?

TNLF partners with organizations that provide workshops, classes, or mentorship opportunities. We would be pleased to assist in connecting you in this regard. Kindly call our Vice President (331) 803-1936 for needed assistance.

How is The Next Level Foundation funded?

We are sponsored by private donations, corporate partnerships, and public funding. We work hard to empower people with disabilities through employment. We welcome donations of any size. 

Can I volunteer?

Yes, please! Most of all our efforts come fueled by volunteers, who share our passion to employ people with disabilities. If you wish to serve this cause, we would be pleased to have you join our mission. Thank you.