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Our Committment

The Next Level Foundation serves as a bridge connecting adaptive individuals with companies and organizations that are committed to providing employment opportunities for people with disabilities. We work to assist industry leaders committed to inclusion in their workplace by helping match the right candidates with the right positions, as well as assist them in achieving the benefits of such inclusion.
We are committed to ensuring that individuals with disabilities have access to opportunities that positively impact their lives and provide them with a path toward personal and professional growth.

Our Mission

To empower individuals with disabilities by providing access to meaningful and inclusive employment opportunities while eliminating barriers and promoting a culture of inclusion in the workforce.

Creating a Vision

Creating a world where people with disabilities have equal access to employment opportunities and can achieve their full potential in the workforce.

At The Next Level Foundation, we believe that everyone deserves an equal chance to achieve success. We partner and collaborate with companies, government agencies, and other organizations to empower our inclusion efforts of individuals with disabilities. Our dedicated team of professionals works diligently with each individual and partner to understand the needs of the applicant and organization.

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