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Edmund “E.Q.” Sylvester

President & Chairman

Mr. Sylvester is a triple amputee, but not disabled. His international businessbackground, enabled him to establish the Freedom Golf Association in 2012 sixmonths upon leaving the rehabilitation hospital. This nonprofit organization grew intobecoming the United States Adaptive Golf Alliance (USAGA) a nonprofit organizationin 2014, dedicated to the inclusion of the disabled in the game of the golf. Today,USAGA is comprised of 43 member golf associates across the country, presentlyserving approximately over 45,000 disabled individuals annually with the joy of golf ofwhich over 26% are combat wounded veterans. This inclusive golf pathway follows themethodology of Teach->Play -> Compete. 

To add a fourth leg to these inclusion efforts Mr. Sylvester , EQ took another stepforward by forming The Next Level Foundation (TNLF) in 2023, soon to become a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization, which focuses on including the disabled in the fabric ofsociety through employment.. Although a startup organization, the TNLF team israpidly making inroads with Illinois corporations.

Melissa Murphy

Vice President & Director of Recruitment

Ms. Murphy has spent her recruitment career in operations and sales, working alongside manyindustries, medical, financial, retail, light industrial and more. Additionally, Ms. Murphy is the caretakerfor her young son, who was born with a disability and medical complexities that required long termhospitalization and 24/7 Medical Care. As an advocate for her son, Ms. Murphy was quick to learn thisworld has created barriers for disabled people in many aspects, including employment equity. As afounding member of TNLF, Ms. Murphy aligns her recruiting expertise with her passion for disabilityinclusion. She states, “In order to increase our footprint of disability inclusion, we take action throughtangible measures; connecting the need with workplace opportunities.” 

Stephen Briggs

Treasurer & Marketing Director

Mr. Briggs is a graduate of Babson College where he double majored in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Heis the Founder and President of Incentive Advertising Inc., an advertising specialty company. Additionally, Mr.Briggs also works for a world-renowned golf resort, and is active within the adaptive golf industry. His passionand dedication to the Adaptive Community, has led him to be a Director for TNLF.

Phoebe Kaylor

Secretary & Strategic Leadership

Before joining TNLF, Mrs. Kaylor spent her career in finance. Her work began in corporate finance andvaluations at KPMG. After earning her MBA at Columbia Business School, she joined the High YieldDepartment of Lehman Brothers where she worked many years in research and sales. From there, shewent into asset management, performing deep fundamental research, and investing in myriad equities.Congruently, she managed the firm’s fixed income portfolios. When not in finance, Ms. Kaylorvolunteered numerous hours for different philanthropic organizations. Leveraging this experience, shejoined TNLF as a Director helping them launch successfully and realize their mission, connecting theneed with the opportunity.

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