TNFL is the bridge that connects adaptive individuals with inclusive and supportive work environments, ensuring equal opportunities for growth and development. The companies we partner with provide necessary accommodations, and foster a culture of respect and understanding. It's essential for us to engage with the adaptive community, we will listen to your needs, and connect you with our employment partners. We partner specifically with organizations that have established an environment where you can feel valued and supported.

If you are looking for career opportunities please fill out our Employee Interest Form and we will contact you!

Benefits of Submitting our Interest Form:

Resume Visibility to Inclusive and Accommodating Employers

Cost Free/No Cost to Applicant

Direct Connect to Opportunities w/ Major Corporations in Illinois that have committed to hiring disabled individuals and corporations that align with the TNLF Mission

Access to Remote and Accessible Roles

Entry Level to C-Suite Opportunities

Or if you still have questions please contact Melissa Murphy at